Finding an apartment…

…is hard!

Last Friday I was on a tour around Mountain View with Jane visiting various apartment complexes. Renting an apartment in USA is a bit different from Sweden. The common thing seems to be a complex of 50-200 apartments with a leasing office in front of it where you can speak to some sales person that will show you around and give you a bunch of brochures. All of them have a pool, a fitness center and a barbecue place on the premises. We were looking at places in the price range of $1500 – $2000 per months. (If you sign a 12 month lease..) And it really is the case that you get what you pay for in terms of apartment quality, location, amenities etc. They all look ok at the surface but some are nicer than others. All apartments have carpet covered floors. Something that is pretty unusual in Sweden nowadays.

I had almost decided to go with a place called Avalon Mountain View that was a bit more expensive than the others but pretty close to the main street. Then I googled a bit for reviews and that place had quite a but of bad reviews. Hmm… Then I googled the other places and they pretty much all had their fair share of bad reviews. So are all apartments bad? Or is it just the case that only people who want to complain write bad reviews.

This is the living room of a model apartment at Avalon Mountain View.

Decisions decisions…

Tomorrow is the first day at Google! Exciting times!

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  1. Aaron Ardiri says:

    hey dude – i think people are hard to please. try it out; think of the options – worst case, you find another place. you really just need a place to sleep in the first few months, same with my move to germany, now i know the city a little better – i will conduct a new search

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