Moving in!

Finally my days in a temporary corporate apartment in Santa Clara are over. Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with the apartment. It was a newly built apartment complex with a little shopping center next to it. But it was a very quiet area, perfect for families. And without a car it was really hard to get anywhere or do anything. Going into San Francisco took over 2 hours.

But this Monday I picked up the keys to my own apartment in Mountain View. It’s in an apartment complex called The Shadows and it is walking/biking disctance to downtown Mountain View (i.e. Castro Street) and biking distance to Google.

The apartment on the other side of the pool on the ground floor is mine. Behind the fence there is a pretty big outdoor patio. Now if it only got a bit warmer again..

On Tuesday three merry latino guys and a truck came with the blue container that was filled up with all my stuff almost 2 months ago.

In about 2 hours they managed to unload the whole container and get it into my apartment. I assume they were getting paid by the hour because they were not taking it slow and easy. But they were still doing a good job.

So now I am living in a card board box inferno since I haven’t had very much time to unpack things yet. I also don’t really know where I am going to put all the stuff.. This apartment is slightly smaller than my place in Stockholm. But even more, it is lacking places to store things. In Stockholm I had a small walk in closet and a storage room in the basement. Here I don’t have any of that. I have some hard problem solving ahead of me..

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