Going to IKEA

For every good Swede moving to a new place includes at least one shopping trip to IKEA. And just because you move in a different contry doesn’t change this. So over the weekend I was at IKEA in East Palo Alto, a short 10 minute drive from my place, to shop some storage stuff for my closet.

And of course, I also stopped by at the “Swedish Food Market” to stock up on some necessities. Lingonsylft, hallonsaft, skorpor, k├Âttbullar and “Swedish style limpa bread”.

At the cashier of the food market there was a guy and a girl. The guy asked me of I shouldn’t have and cream sauce as well to really eat the meatballs the Swedish way. I told him there is more than one Swedish ways to eat meatballs. He asked me if I was Swedish and it turned out both he and the girl was Swedish as well.

I promised I’d come back again..

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