Testing on the Toilet

When you visit a Google office you see some things that you don’t see in most offices. A ball bath, a climbing wall, a dinosaur skeleton, a slide that takes you down to the restaurant fast when you’re really hungry etc.

One thing that I was pretty impressed wit when visiting the Zürich office for interviews was the toilets. Or, not the toilets themselves but rather the papers on the wall with things to read when doing whatever you came to the toilet to do. It started with something called “Testing on the Toilet”. It’s a publication that contains small tips, tricks or lessons on how you can test your code in a better way. Every episode short enough to fit on a single paper and hopefully be possible to read during a single visit to the toilet. (If you don’t work with software and don’t understand what “testing your code” means, never mind..)

This has spun off with other publications like “Learning on the Loo” (often with more non-technical topics like how to write an email that is easy to read) or “Production on the Potty” and “Career on the Can”.

Yesterday episode 207 of Testing on the Toilet was published and guess what.. The author is yours truly!  If you want to read it, you can find it here: WhoTestsTheTests

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